Moving Tips

Get Organized

Being organized before your move helps speed up the process and ensures minimal time with our movers. First, go through closets and storage and get rid of any unwanted or outdated items. Second, make a list of what can be packed first, second, and last in your home. Items such as decorations and paintings, that you don’t use every day, can be packed first. As it gets closer to the move, start packing other items that you use less often, like kitchen utensils. Then, to ensure that fragile items do not get damaged during the move, wrap each one separately and pack boxes full. Pack books and heavier items in smaller boxes and light, bulky items in bigger boxes. Please do not pack boxes heavier than 60 pounds, so that our movers can move them quickly and efficiently. Finally, pack an overnight bag with the items you will need the day of the move. Your Moving Done Right team will ask what items need to be easily accessible when you arrive at your new home.

Have Plenty of Supplies

Make sure you have plenty of boxes before you start packing! You’ll also need packing tape and bubble wrap or green plate foam for fragile items. Use small boxes to pack heavy items such as books (so they don’t become too heavy to move) and larger boxes for lighter items such as pillows and lamps. Please seal and tape all boxes before Moving Done Right arrives. Wardrobe boxes feature a bar to hang clothes from, which makes packing and unpacking closets much easier. Consider getting one for each closet in your home. Please do not use black trash bags to pack clothes as they are difficult to move and often rip, which slows down your move.

Label Your Boxes

Label each box with the room it belongs in (for example basement, west bedroom, master bath). To streamline this process, you can color-code all your boxes and rooms at the new location. That way once the movers arrive with your belongings, they can just take the color-coded box to the room that matches. Not only will this help for unpacking, but it also helps our team ensure that each box ends up in the right place. Take your time while packing and label what’s in each box so it is easier to organize once you’re moved in.

Large Furniture With Drawers

We ask that you please empty and pack all drawer contents whether it’s a dresser, desk, or nightstand. We carry all of these as single units to avoid wasting your time by taking all the drawers out. Please pack the drawer contents so that the belongs don’t fall out when we move these large items with drawers.

Plastic Wrap

If your furniture is going to storage or if you’re worried about it getting damaged during a move, we suggest using plastic wrap to protect your bigger/more valuable pieces. Before wrapping pieces, make sure any shelves are out for the move. If you provide plastic wrap, our movers can professionally wrap any item. Or, we are happy to provide it at an additional cost, just let us know while booking your move.